The orchestra was founded in September 2006. A group of musicians, brass musicians come to the Urals State Mining University, where he led by Alexander Pavlov formed «the backbone» of the orchestra of 35 musicians of the highest caliber.

The orchestra is positioning itself as a concert band that can do everything that makes brass bands in the world. This is an excellent marching band, in memory of musicians for more than 20 best-known Russian marches for the execution in motion. For work presentations, before the celebrations and to open the summer of sites selected medley of different styles of popular bands and composers (valsovye, on songs about the Great Patriotic War, «Abba», «Beatles», Yuri Antonov, etc.). The orchestra has an extensive experience in support of the formal meetings, ceremonies, awards and inauguration.

With the orchestra work «brilliant» Soloists-vocalists with an individual repertoire. People’s Artist of Russia Svetlana Komaricheva, Honored Artist of Russia, Yuri Yakovlev, the winner of international festivals Constantine Zuschik. Soloist orchestra today is a unique young baritone Nikolai Timakov, 4 th year student of Ural State Conservatory.

Business card of the orchestra is not unique in Russia, a show program. «Dancing Orchestra» and «Dancing conductor» represent the 40-minute concert unit, consisting of 12 separate concert numbers are 2,5 — 3,5 minutes each.